Hilary Brown 



Hilary Brown (PhD Social Work) 

Registered with ACAT and UKCP


I have background in social work and have trained in Cognitive Analytic Therapy at both practitioner and advanced levels, having done my clinical training at St Thomas' Hospital in London. My private practice is in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I am also an accredited supervisor and provide therapy to trainee therapists.




About Therapy

Therapy is called a talking treatment because it involves someone who is troubled, working with a skilled practitioner to understand, reflect and make changes in their feelings, relationships and behaviour.  Although you might come to therapy to address a one-off issue, like a bereavement or the end of a relationship, you might also want to work on more long term problems such as low self-esteem, depression or family difficulties. Our work would be trying to understand your response to life's ups and downs and to find ways to make changes in the way you approach things. 

Every therapy is different because it is responsive to the individual and their ways of relating. We try to create a safe space where we can talk about any difficulties or misunderstandings and learn from them.  This can be a way of becoming more aware of how we relate to others and act as platform for making small but significant changes. Many people who come into therapy are dealing with difficulties in the real world, such as unemployment, illness, racism or family problems and while therapy cannot change these cirumstances, our aim is always to help you look after yourself and to act mindfully in your everyday interactions so you do not continue to hurt yourself or limit your options. We can work for a set number of sessions or leave things more open-ended depending on what you are dealing with and how therapy fits in with your everyday responsibilities.

About CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy)

Cognitive Analytic Therapy is an integrative psychotherapy that seeks links between the way we learned to relate in the past and patterns in the present that make life difficult for us. It is a talking therapy mentioned in the NICE guidelines (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellent) for a range of conditions and practiced in the NHS. We uses letters and diagrams to work out how we experience ourselves in relationship to different people in our lives and to map out the 'states' we get into so that we can find better ways of being with other people and taking care of ourselves.


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