Hilary Brown Psychotherapy


The first session is designed to provide a space for you to explore the issues that have brought you into therapy at this time and to explore any questions you have about CAT. Please feel free to raise any concerns. I will ask you to provide me with your name and address, your date of birth and a contact number. Also I should like to note your GPs name and practice address and we can discuss whether, or under what circumstances, you would want me to inform your GP that you are receiving therapy. The therapy will otherwise be completely confidential unless there are significant concerns about risk to yourself or to others which suggest the need to refer you to another professional.

After a preliminary assessment session, clients commit to a weekly session. CAT is usually practised over 16 or 24 sessions although some clients decide to work beyond these time limits. Each session is 50 minutes long which provides a safe and containing space for us to work in.

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Private practice at Hartfield Surgery Wednesday afternoon and evening sessions by appointment

Hilary Brown psychotherapy